Sunday, 9 March 2014

Nids new and unimproved

firstly this was goingto be a one off when the codex came out but im quite late!!  so itll be a small series going thru

initial codex review
games vs new nids
new formations

so the codex its self isnt that bad really gw made quite a few blunders as they normally do first major blunder was taking biomancy away from nids that was pretty stupid.

the next blunder was not giving them eternal warrior in synapse again lol

the next was making synapse far to important with no realy way to then protect those units (ie no biomancy)  bcoz once a synapse creatures dies the army starts to crumble

pyschic powers  arent that bad really but not great their is no real stat modifier at all for T  BUT the gem is catalyst  FNP on psyker + a unit so combo it with shroding its looking better AND pychic scream its a 4/5 in the table but still its their lol :D

but all is not lost!!!!!
their are some new gribblies and some re-writes that really shine

first up is the venomthrope gives shrouded to units within 6"  thats a 5+ cover to fearless units in the open or a massive 2/3+ in some kind of cover makes even the worst bugs more durable.

next is the crone str8 vector strike and haywire missiles mmmmm nom nom :D

the mawloc is now str6 ap2  ignore cover and 2 goes at terror from the deep before mishap add that to a lictor who can help them snipe out key targets its a juicy lil combo

exocrines are the bomb diggity with 40k mainly about the shooting game nids really need 2 step up and this bad boi does just that ap2  6 shots at 24" on the move or +1 BS standing still and a large blast they are deffinately a pain !!!

so a basic list for new nids has mainly stayed the same
double devourers

add hive commander if u will be running lots of outflanking units

a unit of 2/3 venom thropes for the shrouding bubble

now u can choose lictors for the mawloc combo
or hive guard
or zoanbhropes for more pyschic powers

its still all about  tervigons and gaunts

warriors are usefull for back field objectives and the living artillery foramtion but thats it!
stealers are still crap

here the main choice is harpy or crone  id deff take crone all the time
other options are gargoyles for skybligh formation

here is where its all happening for nids main choices are
t. fex
dakka fexes

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