Monday, 17 March 2014

warp spiders tactics

so  I know warp spiders are gd as ever the maths speaks for itself but I made a slight error in judgement (ie didn't their rules properly)

here is another steller tactics article featuring warp spiders Ive bin meaning to add these to my list and the now have a double feature

warp spiders x8
fast shot

warp spiders x7
fast shot

so  what can warp spiders do? 

well  firstly their very fast n move 6"+2d6 +d6" run with fleet in the movement phase +12" range for their guns that's an average of 29" on average for threat range

also  3+ armour which is great for eldar and mitigates the T3

next str6 basic weapons wound most things on 2+  with 2 shots each means their is a decent volume which gets better  VS i3 or less with a +1 str  and rolls of 6's are ap1  this means they'll shred tanks and troops as be a pain for heavy troops as well

a unit of 10 with an exarch with fastshot costs 215 that gets you 21 shots its a bargain also the large volumes of shots will help take down flyers

their are 2 ways to use these units

firstly u can deep strike them and aim for the first threat on the board this can be a MC or a tank for first blood etc etc

or they can be kept on the board n move up when ready to counter then be defensive to protect tanks objectives and scoring units

ways to beef them up  adding an autarch with shard of anaris spider jump pack and death spinner makes a fearless unit that u can be really aggressive with them u can also add phoenix gem to make the autarch more annoying lol

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