Monday, 24 March 2014

while the cats away

the  mice have been mega busy on projects my goal is to have both done for the end of the year and today im making a massive dent in that i still have lots to do but so far to day ive

sprayed loads of wyches and warriors
made n sprayed a jetseer and 2 bikes
finished sprayin 11 reavers
done the last 2 ravager sponsons
put the arms on the wraithknight

for the rest of the day ill have
sprayed 2 more venoms
finished off 2 venoms
sprayed 2 raiders
converted up 5 warp spiders with bases and sprayed them
base and spray wraithguard
re-spray my eldar bikes
base and spray some beasts

this will leave me with this left 2 do over all
finish converting a baron
finish beasts handlers
base 8 razorwings
then spray them all
then 2 fully finish the armies ready for painting i need 2
fully convert 15 warp spider base n spray
build n spray 6 more reaver jetbikes
spray n base crimson hunter

then that's both armies completed I also have 2 magnetize the sails on all the dark elder ships as well lol n then im really done but im hoping to get these fiddly bits done by the of april so I cant start painting in may time. the bonus is everything is the same colour for both armies so I can do large batches at a time

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