Monday, 24 March 2014

thinking of footdar :D

so im looking at a footdar list where I can run lots of different units that I wudnt normally with mechdar  and for this list I need some heavy hitter and id either choose:

clownbomb or seer council

so first off the clownbomb a unit of harlequins tooled up with their characters and rest equipped with harlequins kiss

to boost this unit I add

2 far seers(1 with shard) and a warlock  the farseers will be aiming for fortune forewarning and prescience this will get me a 4+ inv with a re-roll and re-rolls for combat then a 3+ cover for area terrain

the warlock will have conceal  to improve the cover saves of the unit

so how surviveable are they well this depends on where they are and if u get veil of tears of as this reduces the range to 4-24"

the average should be 14-16"  which means turn1 ur safe turn 2 should still be safe unless they move closer to shoot but that puts u closer to charging :D

with a 4+ inv if u get it and re-rolls if u get it on 6 dice ull pass 50% saves its even higher in cover :)

on the charge the unit with re-rolls is pretty devastating VS marines as a staple

9 attacks from the farseers/warlock
41 attacks from the unit  with WS5  is an average of 5 misses  with an average of 12-15 wounds with more normall wounds than rending

the total points for this unit is 551points

now the seer council is an iconic unit that has been used since 4th ed eldar were kicking around then and their still here but with random powers the ummf may or may not be their lol

so the unit

2 farseers this time on bikes and again 1 with the shard I like the fearless units :D
again I want the same powers prescience fortune misfortune

warlocks x10 on bikes
warlock powers I want protect for a 2+ armour save  10 rolls I should get it and conceal for a 2+ cover n fortune 2 make it a re-roll :D

36 attacks  that hit on 4's so not as gd as the quins  BUT  these wound on 2+  and force massed saves with misfortune :D the average is

on average the warlocks will hit with 20-25  and wounding is off the charts as its 2+  with average of 20 wounds that's a decent conversion rate

I haven't turned this into actual wounds just a theoretical with both

now the seer council costs 740points

so ill be looking to add either a footdar list I may even add the seer council to my mechdar :D

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