Thursday, 2 July 2015

canoptek harvest is

RED!!!!!! so iv finally hit the half way mark to getting the canoptek harvest painted  all the scarabs are done and the spyder is half way done

so I started with khorne red as a base
the next layer will be wazdakka red
and highlight with evil sunz I think it is lol

I had sed that I wud paint them in the hive fleet colours for leviathan but iv now decided that as I've got numerous formations I can paint the formations different colours which breaks up having to paint lots the same colour and it look funky lol

still holding out that ill get these done for the end of the week but that now really slim lol

in other news  the bases have arrived for my blood crushers so they'll get pinned next week n painted up  n then  lord of change will get put on his base n done up as well  then they are officially done!!

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