Friday, 27 July 2012

fear fearless MC flying and vehicles !!!

iv played  my 2nd game  of  6th ed and heres wat i have 2 report

fear  is  fun and  great  it means  even rubbish  units  like plague bearers can annoy ur opponent 
if they fluff up their  dice rolls

fearless is  now  something  to fear  as well as a valuable  resource  from  the  lowly 
termagaunt right up to the  mighty blood crushers of khorne   for example  kharn  rolled  2 1's and killed 2 of his own guys but no matter  when the dust settles  and the combat is lossed no extra dice to rolled :D

flying  MC their  great  their  immune  to blast weapons  and  can only be targetted by snap shots if they do manage 2 get wounded  its less then  60% chance theyll drop 2 the floor  and if they do theyll take a str9 hit but the bonus is after  that  24" move  u should be close enough to use ur wings  for a hammer of wrath attack followed  by  his attacks  at  ap2 also  fear is great  it makes  even the worst MC (looking at you tervigons)  great  :D

vehicles  that  dont have the assualt  vehicle rule or open topped are abit funny as  can only  charge the turn after  you get  out which means  more planning   especially  if  ur gunna  assault  etc

all  in  all  im really  enjoing  6th ed

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