Tuesday, 2 October 2012


its bin a while since i uploaded any pictures  of things im  doing so  here your truly has a plethora  of awesomeness iv jus finished a war walker to the point where i can show it off  as well as the wyches and gaurdians.

in other news iv been told  roughly  a new airbrush will be in here in a week and a half that puts me really close to open war. iv changed the list a little and dropped 1 ravager  for a void raven  jus need a flying base for it

iv also  sprayed up 2 ravagers  and ran out of spray  so ill be gettin some more soon

im curently  working on the second  warwalker base iv also made the base for the brightlance  also looking at the trueborn  they look ok so ill start them asap!!

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