Thursday, 4 October 2012

new chaos rumours

iv been working the rumour mill pretty hard  to bring  juicy nuggets  of awesomeness.  their is a leaked codex floating around the internet.  it came out  yesterday so those that want it allready have it.

and im  goin to disprove  some rumours  from what  iv heard

firstly  about the codex  it has a feel  of a 4th ed marine codex  their is a page of wargear artifacts and relics  that each entry refers  to  its a little  fiddly  im sure but  once we get used to it it will be fine

cultists arent cheap!!  its 10 for 50pts then 4pts per model for an extra 25 they can take marks  marks work  slightly differently now  u pay per model rather than a fixed price this isnt a expensive as the old codex thos as most marks are under 5pts per model

this is the same for every other unit u buy so many then u buy so many more like the space marine codex

most special characters are cheap around 160  with abbadon ahriman and typhus  all 200+

DIY characters are expensive a khorne termy lord with a few bells and whistles is around 190
deamon princes are mega expensive base cost 145

flakk missiles are in and expensive  10 for missile  + 15 to upgrade to flakk

the vector strike for the hell drake is str7  not 10

the chosen  terminators  do not get an extra wound and  u cant make a full unit of chosen terminators

the deamon engines all have an interesting rule called deamon forge  once per game u can activate the forge to re-roll dice in the assault or shooting phase at the end of that turn u roll a dice and on a 1 u lose a hull point

demonic possession does restore hullpoints by absorbing a unit embarked on it BUT this happens at the start of the turn ie turn1 or when a unit embarks on the transport  they also ignore crew stunned shaken on a roll of 2+

 as the codex is out  satdi ill leave it their

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