Saturday, 13 October 2012

chaos marine first thoughts

i used  my fluffy khorne list VS a shooty deamon tzeentch list  the results  was a loss but thats not important.

firstly the chaos book is great  my main problem is too much choice  i think this is phill kellys best codex yet!!!

as for the units hell drakes are great  although  against a full infantry list they didnt do as much as id hoped

the forgefiend was pretty gd again i reccon against more vehicles it would do better

same for the hell brutes 

the deamon prince i could easily write an article on these by them selves  he was great  he lost 2 wounds turn 2 to a herald but after that right up 2 turn 6 ish he chopped his way thru allsorts of little deamons  

the berzerkers im still struggling to get to grips with disembarking theturn before i want 2 charge. the rhino wall kinda helps  bit more foresight shud help  well see over the next few games

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