Friday, 5 October 2012

unique fortifications

in the spirit of forging a narrative  why havent we got unique fortifications.  this is a simple fixture  weve seen  orks huts, nid stuff etc.  If you look in the battlefield debris  their are  unique items that could be turned or used as fortifications for example

imperial statue - this could be bought for space marines

shrine of chaos -  this could be the temple of skulls  its big and for what it does  4+ cover behind it and deamons an re-roll failed  inv saves  wud easily match the fortress of redemption although it shouldnt be 200pts  a 100-150  would be better

sheild generators -  this  could easily be something for tau  equal to the price of a imperial tower  75-100 pts as u get a 3+ inv save

spiker plants - this is deffinately one the nids should get for some nid love theyve been battered and bruised a little by 6th ed but the spiker plant has great rules that could emerge while the nids are terraforming a planet  they need to be cheap  or X amout for 100 pts i think 4  that are placed  any where within  your deployment  the base should be

i think orks  could have a shack  with the ram shackled  rules  armour  12  and when it blows  up orks fly everywhere maybe lol 

but well see what the future  holds  the tau rumours are they may get some unique  fortifications 

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