Wednesday, 17 October 2012

chaos marines finding

so iv now played  4 games  with my chaos 3 wins 1 loss yay :)   and iv actually learnt something 

cultists  thier  great a unit of 30 with a khorne lord is amazing!!  their fearless take ages to kill and when charged they counter charge for an impressive 90 attacks (if u have 30 and they all get in lol) but even so  its an impressive number the khorne lord gets plenty of re-rolls in challenges and the unit has a 4+ cover save behind the aegis

khorne lord he mans the autocanon and guns down flying MCs or flyers and hitting on 2s he does a great job or hes in combat chopping down sgts that try and take my objectives

hell drakes really are bread and butter in this army  they take out troops on objectives and tanks  with ease!! i would easily run 3 if i cud find the points for a 3rd

hell brutes these still arent doing that much. im not sure wether i should drop these for something else but im not sure what ill replace it with double melta bikes or double melta raptors not sure which yet or some termies

zerkers  same as usual  they havent changed their still effective at chopping down regualr infantry and now with ap4 chain axes even better vs weaker troops.  im also getting used to having 2 disembark the turn b4 i want 2 charge so rhinos are now used 2 block and funnel troops for example in my game 2 day i used the rhino to force some DA termies 2 charge the forgefeind n saved my cultists lol

forgefeind  generally good although after 10 games i may try dual mauler fiend i think these would be better at tieing up enemy units and stopping tanks and units

well see how it goes over the next 6 games  i have some ideas to change the list

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