Sunday, 7 October 2012

exploding from the warp!!! chaos edition

WARNING  this post will contain loads of photos what i like and dislike about the new kits etc etc

from the top people  chaos is officially out (or been out a day allreay this is slightly late i was busying glueing and building things)  this is my double goody bag of chaos goodies  im such a child lol


not much to look at  but whats  inside will complete my chaos army from  models to basing everything ready to paint so lets   get in them bags 
here i think ill jus say the chaos codex is amazing the presentation of the book with embossed writing and full coloured art work  its so much better than  anything else theyve produced so far this is the future of codex's (unless u buy it on ipad lol) along with the price hike.

the first thing i cracked open  was the forgefeind

 as a model  its great  well thought out their are no real odd corner or ends where it will be hard to paint it will stay uprite on a base without glue so you can use it while ur painting it as well which is all gd  the only thing u may need 2 pant seperate is the weapons and shoulder plates  overall a great kit  :D

next is the hell drake this model is slightly more fiddly as the wings overlapp each other means their are bits that would be hard to reach so iv left the wings seperate and te middle wings arent glued in place yet so i can paint up everything

here is a picture of both helldrakes with out the main wings and one from the side


once iv started painting them ill re do a pic of them  undercoated and based

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