Saturday, 20 October 2012

writing a list + chaos faq +general stuff

firstly the chaos  faq is out adn its the shortest 1 iv read  4 bullet points and thats it. which shows how gd its written.

iv not played any more games as of yet but iv seen a new way of writing a lists  so i giving that a go.  basically the list is split into 3 sections

back field

mid field


so iv split my army into the above sections   too see where my strengths are for shooting

forge feind
quad gun

multi melta
multi melta

hell drakes
hell drakes

the hell drakes have a long range weapo so they can fire from the turn they arrive thats why their are up front also  d3+1 vector strike hits is great!!  i need to work at opponening up transports faster

im definately dropping the hell brutes they dont do as much as i expected

the forgefeind  is still 50/50  i love the model  its jus not doing as much as i expected it has 6 more games 2 impress me lol :D

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