Thursday, 22 January 2015


well  im still here and surprisingly  people are still reading wether u follow or it game in a google search than for reading my rantings etc etc

wat ive done 2day

wat are these!!!! its 30 plague bearers 9 plague riders and 3 heralds 

the top pic is a plague bearer  and herald - the idea for the paint scheme is to be darker the higher up it goes so the their all based with caliban green or army painter dark angel green

nurglings - moot green and biel tan wash
plague bearers - warpstone glow moot green biel tan
herald -warpstone glow beil tan

ill be following this for all other units  deamon  princes and above will be base coat and wash I think but I haven't decided yet I may make DP  like heralds

next ill do the detail guts then swords/banners etc so they'll be up in the next few days

n that's it  keep calm and praise chaos!!!

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