Sunday, 11 January 2015

to do list for 2015

iv got deamons necrons elder all at various states of completion but heres a break down of wat needs doing


needs micro art chaos bases for all models
everything needs painting
i need a great unclean one and belakor to finish the army off

need painting/basing
i need 9 more wraiths 1 more annilation barge more death marks
new codex  but the above may change depending on the codex

most of the eldar are fully painted
jus need bases doing

ill be mixing wat i do from day to day with my new patented base/dry brush/highlight/wash then detail method for painting ill get thru them asap

as a side note

dark eldar
id like to add some wracks
and 5 more fire dragons

id like a full new farsight enclave list lol :D

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