Sunday, 4 January 2015

rising leviathan 3 the end

the grand finale  is a definitely mixture of 1+2 not bad but still falls into the trilogy trap a little but onwards and upwards!!

bioblast node - 1 warrior brood with bio canon 3 carnifex broods with bio canon 1 tyrannofex gain split fire and re-rolls 1's to wound within 12" of warriors 680-1625 - well I sed skyblight was expensive but they haven't got a thing compared 2 these bad boys I think to really keep this work id have 2 units of 3 fex's with double devs (re-roll hits and 1's 2 wound) and then keep the flamer on the tyrannofex for re-rolls and hide the warriors behind the fexs and then 1 fex by him self with devs to keep it cheap ish lol u get on average then 8 MC that can shoot and do plenty of damage in combat and fex's will chew thru vehicles with ease and with knights and LOW all over the place it may have its place the down side is the price tag 3/4

wrecker node 1 warrior brood 3 fex broods gain re-roll 1's 2 wound in combat hammer of wrath becomes d3+1  450-1170  hmm I think this 1 really cranks up the tin opening power of the fex but they have 2 get their which against fast armies may be never and it will be atleast turn 3 before ur looking to charge and they don't do nething until they can charge its a nice alternative 2 the bioblast node for those that want CC but id take the above instead fill it with devs knowing that at turn 2 their in range 2 pump out 84 shots into units and light vehicles its deff more tasty and their still str9 with hammer of wrath after they get into combat so this formation jus doesn't cut the mustard for me 2

tyrant node 1 hive tyrant 3 tyrant guard 1 venomthrope brood tyrant gains 6" synapse and cant take wings 360-450 this is the one that really stands out for me with norn crown u get a 24" synapse creature that can be ur warlord and is quite safe with the tyrant guard the main down side is hell not raelly survive against tau/elder/dark elder but other than that its a solid choice and very cheap which means u can still put in lots of other things 4

subterranean swarm 1 trygon prime 1 trygon 1 mawloc 3 ravenor broods - all arrive at same time and ravenors come thru with the trygon prime 830-1370 I think the best part of this formation is ravenors actually works they all come in as 1 and its lots of units either high T or lots of models. I do like the ravenors their great models but 5+ save shud be mitigated by the 3 wounds even mixing large units with 2 small should work well it presents lots of targets which is the key to making nids work its an all round formation that should work well 3

living tide 1 tyrant node 1 synaptic swarm 3 endless swarm 1 wrecker node 1 skyblight swarm models gain 4+ re-roll for all termagaunt hormogaunt and gargoyles when destroyed and synapse creatures get 6" synapse 2970-5700  this is the big one that is deffinatly for apoc only and if its a truly big game where u can really max out that 4+ re-roll is awesome but as its only ever going to be used in apoc 2

at this point for those that have read these the points are based on min and max number of models that u can take for broods and units as a guideline

and overall I think I would take either deathleapers assassins skyblight living artillery or incubator node for a competitive list

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