Sunday, 25 January 2015

necrontyr stuff

I recently bought another annihilation barge that means iv got 3 barges and 3 destroyer lords when I finally build up the last one.

having read the rumours that are floating round i'm mainly excited to see all these inbuilt formations for the units  as it maybe something that will take effect with future books. (excited for deamons I want flamers to be awesome again)

the other thing I'm looking foreward to is that night bringer and deceiver are back  as upgrades I think from wat iv read and so are transcendant's as well which are rumoured to be 10pts more than normal ctans which are roughly costed at a landraider not sure which variant but either way  transcendants will be mega cheap if the top 2 upgrades are 100 and 120 which makes them cheaper by 200 pts from escalation which is huge!!!!

I also need some more warriors to make more death marks and immortals then more wraiths lots more wraiths and their done!!

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