Thursday, 29 January 2015

necron stuff and painting

so iv got my codex  pre ordered jus needs collecting  cant wait soon my pretty soon!!

so cool  stuff that's back gaus now does  auto wounds on 6's as well as glances  which is awesome

the old CTANS are back  night bringer and deceiver  which is awesome

inv saves with chariots has finally been clarified and nerfed!!!

whip coils are now +3 inv which makes them worse than they were but wraiths now get T5 and beasts and still ignore all terrain with re-rolls from fleet its awesome  so ill still be getting lots more of them

tesla was also fixed  on more  snap shots getting u more hits  it only works now if ur not snap shooting so flyers are now safe!

iv also bin hard at it painting my deamons the micro art bases are half way completed

 the nurgle deamons  them selves need the wood for the banners finishing and the teeth painting then the metal will be silver will be dry brushed a bronze colour and washed brown to make it look rusty

ill b looking to have these done in the next week or so then ill start some other units

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