Friday, 2 January 2015

rising leviathan 1 the start

so after santa came he brought me a tablet n I pretty much but these 3 on first so as I haven't blogged in a while heres my 2 pence on these 3 beauties !!

so the format ill use is formation then rules then points min/max depending on which formation it is then rate it out of 5

first up!!

lictor forest brood - 5 lictors are a single brood which get shrouded for being in forests and if infiltrating within a forest can go within 6" of an enemy model - for 250 pts u get 10 str6 shots which is really gd shrouded means they'll be at a 3+ cover save and after a turn will deff be in charge range but against a bad match up like tau/elder with plenty of ignore cover they wont last long so D/S them maybe a better option as they don't scatter 3

manufactorum stealers - 5 units of stealers min sized gain hit and run -350pts  its not bad creates lots of small targets and infiltrating them means more targets and as their troops their object secured but with t-shirt saves and 5 man units ull need lots of fast MC to make the sacrifice worth it. 2/3

deathleapers assassin brood - 5 lictors and deathleaper gain preffered enemy and any unit with 12" of these gets -1LD penalty - 380pts u get 6 units with preffered enemy  that can D/S and not scatter then 2 shots at rear armour of enemy vechicles this is my fave in this 1 as u get the re-rolls also its lots of small units that the enemy has 2 deal with it makes the decisions harder for the enemy as im starting to like lictors more and more its a 5

broodlord hunting pack - 3 units of genestealers +1 broodlord gain preferred enemy and from reserve can go into a building as long as their 6" away from an enemy - 270-900 so running this as 3 small units keeps it cheap and fairly easy to manage  ofr go for the whole hog and run 60 stealers as large broods that will survive that big longer with preferred enemy they'll do well they will need some support like malanthrope/venomthrope to make them more surviveable so coz of that and that they have poor saves its a 2

gargoyle bio bombs 3 units of spore mines and 3 units of gargoyles -sporemines within 6" don't move at half range for run/charges and move 6" in the movement phase - 225-630 I think for this formation I would run min sized units of gargoyles and max sized units of spore mines its more of a fun formation than anything else I think it would need lots of lictors to make it work for D/S etc  2

so  their are a few semi situational ones and sum id run jus for fun but  only 1 that stands out as something I can run in a competitive list 

stay tuned for rising leviathan 2!!

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