Saturday, 3 January 2015

rising leviathan 2 the middle

like the filling of a decent sandwich filled with goodness so to is this dataslate with quite a few very viable options for all lists I think this dataslate offers more competitive choices than the previous data slate that offers more fluffy choices. the first bite of the filling is

incubator node - 1 tervigon and 3 termagaunt broods must re-roll 1's when spawning gaunts  315-555 - I would give the tervigon regen for this formation to keep it alive longer the re-roll 1's  will eliminate 1 set of doubles at least which is gd  the problem with this is that as u scale up its quite expensive which means that the more u put in to this the less u have for the main beat stick choices I can see a use for this but maybe not as much as the other choices in this dataslate 3

synaptic swarm - 1 tyranid prime 3x warrior broods all models have 18" synapse range 395-935 - well I don't like warriors mainly bcoz the 4+ save means the average weapons of the enemy will rip through them and they have no instant death protection on the plus side keep it cheap and give the prime a norn crown and u get a 24" synapse range which is amazing. the downside is that their are no add ons with the points ive done so they would need fine tunig to find their sweet spot to work well I wouldn't spend more than 500points on this formation as they cant be ap2 and 4+ save isn't gd 2

skyblight swarm - 1 tyrant 1 crone 2 harpies 3 units of gargoyles tyrant must have wings gargoyles gety ob/sec and can come back on a 4+ 805-1165 I think this is the 2nd most expensive formation i think except living tide in no3.  apart from that its an amazing formation at the top end 60 gargoyles that have a 50% chance to come back that are ob/sec as well is amazing it means that as u whittle down the enemy u can still jump on objectives it is my all time fave (apart from 5 flyrants but il go over that when I get my hands on shield of baal) the main downside is at smaller 1500/1850 their isn't much wiggle room left to add in other stuff 4

living artillery node 1 exocrine 1 warrior brood 3 biovores - gain pinning warrior brood must take a bio canon and within 12" others gain re-roll scatter on barrage and blast weapons 380 + choice of canon - well this is another decent formation a firm fave for taking out those pesky units behind an aegis defence line. the good thing is that the can be in cover and out of LOS and on objectives as the radius is 12" so u cud take 3 objectives depending on deployment and whether u can place them or not. as its nice and cheap ill give it a 4

endless swarm 3 hormagaunt broods 2 termaguant broods 1 warrior brood - each termaguant/hormaguant same as gargoyles from skyblight 320-660  - I think  for this formation I would run is atround 400-450 mark  u get plenty of troops to throw at objectives and a 50% chance to come back is pretty gd  I wouldn't bother with  upgrading the units to keep it cheap.  compared to other  formations in this one tho its not great so ill give it a 2/3 3 being if u have the volume oif models for this 1 is it worth it otherwise skyblight or living artillery is where its at

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