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power levels

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through out 40k's long history  the argument of power balance has been one that has pretty much stayed with us from codex to codex and edition to edition.

now 4th ed had a strategy rating that effected who went first in certain scenarios.  the idea I want to  propose is to address balance in a different way. 

and this boils down to a strategy rating not like the old 4th ed style but a reversal of that how good is this codex and wat is the likelihood of my opponent beating it

after that a modifier to show how powerfull the list is based on some general modifiers such as

avg armour value 10 - 0 11- 1 12- 2 13-3 14- 4

avg Toughness 3-0 4-1 5-2 6-3

avg armour save 6+ -0 5+ - 0 4+ -2 3+ -3 2+ -4

avg number of MC's 1 -1 2 /3- 3 5+ -4

no of special characters 2- 1 3-2 4-3 5+-4

lord of war I was thinking if its a vehicle or gargantuan creature making it a +4 and if its a normal character then a +1 but it'll go with special characters for a total of +2

 no of high str shooting units str6+ 1 str7+ 2 str8 +3 str9 +4

deathstars will be a +4

no of psychic dice  0-10 -1 11-20 -2  21-30 -3 31+ -4

so firstly a general rating of 1 through to 5 20 codex's all in all now not including supplements without influence from list at this point

I think marines in all variants are an average book with solid rules good at everything but masters of nothing so id go for a rating of 3

imperial knights are a definite 5

dark eldar would be 2 low av low T poor saves with some good rules

harlequins would also be a 2 as they suffer from the same weaknesses as dark eldar and have a few sneaky combo's

eldar -4


guard - 3

deamons - 4

nids - 4

chaos marines -3

ad mech - 2

khorne deamonkin -3 (I think all deamonkin books will be marked as 3 bcoz of the choices of marines that will bump it up to more of a chaos marine standing)

orks -2  mainly as they lost fearless and now have a table that hurts them more than helps them

necrons - 4  reanimation is really powerful

sisters - 3

militarum tempestus - 2

now  some match ups are a lot better  than other bcoz some things ignore the core rules so the next set of modifiers are  minuses taken off the overall rating

if u ignore toughness or wound on a fixed value for shooting  -2  CC - 1
if u ingnore armour values (haywire) or glance/pen on a set number shooting -2 CC -1
if u ignore cover -2

I think these are the main core rules that will affect game play

so that was abit long winded  but give it a try  u may want 2 alter some of the ratings for the books first ill try it next week n see wat its like

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