Saturday, 18 April 2015

new super awesome codex easy win! FTW!!!

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yep its eldar the hottest topic this side anywhere!!

firstly  the new  bikes are awesome  farseer/warlock means u can have a nice looking seer council for the dirt cheap price of 220 quid!!! for the americans or EU ppl that's 328 dollars and 304 euros that's a bargain lol

also the windriders are very nice and now that they can take scatter lasers for 10pts  they are ridiculously good  270ptys gets u 10 bikes 40str6 shots which I think ill buy into  !

also  distort is now D which is awesome
u cant summon deamons which is gd

falcons are now actually gd in a unit of 3 they can deep strike which is awesome for wraith units lol

wraithguard cant be troops anymore tho which sucks
I like fire prisms goin back 2 units that get the old +1 str -1 ap  that's funky 
night spinners can be a unit as well

serpent shield  is now str6 2d6 shots  1 use only that's still gd

more will come once I have the codex as ill need 2 make changes 2 my eldar as allies and possibly my eldar primary army as well

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