Thursday, 30 April 2015

olddar VS newdar

so  for better or worse  richer or poorer  theirs a new codex  n heres wats changed from rules 2 units and everything inbetween!!!!

I like that its funny lol

onto the rules summary

ancient doom!!!!  is  the same that's boring lol 

battle focus!!  has changed slightly now it deff says if u cant run u cant use battle focus!!

warlord traits!!! 
1 ambush of blades  still the same
2 eye on distant events was stealth within 12"  its now d3 units gets scout meh lol
3 falcon's swiftness goes from 1"  to 3"
4 re-rolls saving throws of 1's still the same
5 warlord has splitfire still the same
6 the range for not scattering was increased 2 12"

remnant of glory
the only thing that changed was  mantle  got removed sad times and a new ranged weapon kurnous bow was added

psychic powers
runes of battle same as before!
runes of fate a new power added  will of asuryan 12" fearless bubble death mission has gone and eldritch storm is now a 3/4 spell making this the first level 4 spell !!

so now weve discussed the core rules for the book and a few things have changed part 2 will look at weapons armour


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