Wednesday, 15 April 2015

good for the good god!!!

erm I mean

Image result for khorne meme

so  iv done shed loads of painting  slowly very slowly chipping away at the mountain of models that need painting

but for to day  iv finished these beauties  3 blood rushers of khorne  now for CC  screamers are miles better  but  I love these models  so iv got my self a set n may get more lol

I went for something different as u can see from the pictures I jus didn't want loads of red that merges into 1 big blob so I hope that this has worked

when the entire army is finished ill do some large group shots on my gaming table see I can pick out the detail better  these guys need bases doin next  n I need more paint

next on the list of jobs is finish the last plague drone n get them all boxed up

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