Wednesday, 22 April 2015

another win for necrons VS rolling bob

Image result for baneblade meme

this is  big  hint as to what rolling bob is and what army I was playing against AM with a baneblade at 2k  their was a sprinkling of other stuff in their but this did dominate the board

I took my gd old reclamation legion with royal court and it looked at little something like this

warriors x20
immortals x5
lychguard x10
bikes x3 with vanes n scopes

canoptek harvest
wraiths x6
scrabs x6

royal court
overlord scythe res orb
lord scythe res orb
cryptek x2

so the main things to highlight is a standard bane blade sucks haha  I think the D weapon variant is a must especially now necrons wil be all over the shop and that's mainy 2 ignore as many saves as possible

how my units were set up

szeras bs5

overlord scythe  orb


main thing of note was the big block of doom  hitting on 2's and at turn 2 re-rolling 1's  this unit took 3 hull pts off the bane blade on turns 1,2,4 and first turn of firing I popped my res orb and took minimal casualties  this happened pretty much every turn jus losing a few models  the 5++ really is awesome and well worth the points 

and on a plus side taking out the lychguard unit this is a perfect 1750point list

again the list is working really well with placement of objectives on the 24" line so that the enemy come foreward and iv bin sitting around the 24" mark with shed loads of shots forcing my opponent to come to me to stop the shooting by getting in combat

on a side note first game with elder will b next week!!

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