Thursday, 30 April 2015

olddar vs newdar part 3

treasures of vaul 

and the answer will be  not a lot lol so wat was the questions ?

banshee mask has changed u now cant fire over watch against a unit with 1 model with this rule and they now cause fear

eldar jetbike hasn't changed

forceshield hasn't changed

ghosthelm hasn't changed

grenade pack hasn't changed

heavy weapons platform has changed slightly it now no longer counts for any combat res or morale check

mandiblasters have changed  its now  an auto wound on 4+ gargants on a 6+ armour saves allowed and attackers choice where wounds go its much better if in challenge it has 2 go on the challenger

reaper rangefinder  still the same

scattershield has changed slightly  the blind test is no longer taken by friendly units

shimmershield still the same

swooping hawks  now move 18" in the movement phase when using their wings and they can also go back into ongoing reserves as normal

warp jump generator has had a big change  instead of any double its now only a double 1 that causes a model 2 remove

vehicle upgrades

crystal targeting matrix  is still the same

ghost walk matrix still the same

holofields  is now a 5++ inv

mind shock is now a -2 when taking test within 12" of the model

powerfield still the same

serpent shield  is the big change  its now a 1 shot 2d6 weapon when used u can then no longer turn pens 2 glances

star engines are the same

spirit stones are the same

vectored engines are also the same

final  part will go thru all the units so that will be a long 1

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