Thursday, 30 April 2015

olddar V newdar part 2

next well look at the weapons of vaul  and see wats changed

firstly  distortion weapons went from pseudo  D weapons to full blown destroyer rules !

missile launchers
flakk is now called starhawk
plasma and starshot now lost pinning

fusion weapons are still the same

laser weapons are still the same except scatter laser no longer have laser lock

monofilament is still the same except

doom weaver dispersed shot lost pinning
spinneret rifle lost pinning

monofilament rule has had a big overhaul  it used to be +1 str for targets with majority I 3 or less and 6's were ap1

it now wounds against I value  but still uses T for ID purposes and the ap is 2 rather than 1 on 6's unless it was ap1 to begin with

this means low I value models will still be wounded on 2's  but their is some instances where models like T6 MC will be wounded differently  for example

a deamon prince needed 4's  but now needs 6's
a carnefex needed 3's but now needs 2's

I still think its worth taking especially for warp spiders but they wont do as much dmg 2 vehicles as they no longer have a +1 against vehicles

ranger long rifle hasn't changed

reaper launcher  starshot missiles lost pinning

prism canons  still the same not changed

shuriken weapons haven't changed  still use the same rules

star canons haven't changed either

tempest launcher hasn't changed either

vibro  still has pinning yay and vibro rule has been cleared  up  u get +1 str -1 ap after the first so if u have 3 canons that hit its str9 ap2

melee weapons

biting blade hasn't changed

chainsabres haven't changed either

dire sword hasn't changed

executioner  still the same

ghost weapons haven't changed either

laser lances have changed  they are now allways ap3 finally something has changed lol

mirror swords are the same

power blades haven't changed

scorpion chainsword hasn't changed

scorpions claw the same lol

singingspear  hasn't changed

another change to the star lance  and this now follows the other lance's  +5/user ap2 +5 on the charge

triskele hasn't changed in shooting or CC

witchstaff hasn't changed

armour these hasvent changed either

part 3 will be treasures of vaul and vehicle equipement

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