Wednesday, 8 April 2015

necrons the undying legion!!!!

and this is so true!!!  iv finally tested the reclamation legion and its awesome I had a 1500pt game with this list

warriors x20
warriors x10
immortals x5
bikes x5
vanes and scope

wraiths x6
scarabs x6

so far I had an idea of the unit of 20 warriors being the anchor and it worked well they did well in shooting and combat thanx 2 zandrek being able to swop warlord traits  means that the turn before I can pre-empt wat may happen and u get re-rolls on everything in the first turn  makes this unit very strong  the only thing it lacks is ap2  which is where the roya court will come in once I get 1

other additions will be szeras to keep the reanimation protocols at 4+ regardless  this combined with a 4+ save is very powerfull  I rolled really well and was hardly losing any models it was hard  my opponent 2 make a dent in them

I am also tempted 2 throw in another cryptek with a chronometron  so that I get a 5++ for shooting 4+ armour and 4+ reanimation protocols

so the volume of fire from 20 warriors is more than enogh 2 strip 4  hull points off any vehicle

as it did so well im tempted 2 boost the 2nd warrior squad up to 20  as well then the volume will slightly negate better saves and il be throwing in a lychguard unit for ap3 defence

now the canoptek harvest!!

my opponent let me go first so they went str8 for reanimation protocols I didn't use fleet as I don't see the point in it when both scarabs and wraiths are beasts as long as u keep the spyder hidden and within 12" of both units ur laughing

wraiths  with a 3++/4+  are a very solid unit and I only lost stuff due 2 bad dice rolling  and when my wriaths moved out of the bubble 

scarabs become a unit that can put on loads of hurt with a 4+ save as long as its not ID then they'll stay around for ever their still weak 2 templates as doubles wounds  some will die but its no where near as bad

I also found scarabs are a great buffer unit or gd for helping the legion  especially when the get close 2 zandrek 

I charged 6 scarabs into a unit and got 30 attacks hitting on 4's with a re-roll of 1's wounding on 4's with a re-roll  it was very gd

so the list isn't quite finished yet but at the min its a definite contender for competitive play

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