Tuesday, 11 September 2012

general tactics VS flyers

i think 6th ed is shaking of the early days and the bugs are gettin ironed out more and more and were starting to see what is dominating and thats flyers!!

now generally all armies can take the aegis defence line and quad gun or las canon thats 1 peice of anti flyer

you can take your own flyers
u can take an aegis defence line with either gun
u can take allies such as guard for hydras
eventually flakk missiles will be available for dev squads

so at 1500 points if u see  an average of  3-4 flyers  ull need 3/4 

at 1750  if that doubles  then take 5 anti flyer 

u wont need 2 spend loads of points  on this  as dependng on set up a flyer may only be on the board for 2 turns untill it goes back into reserve so on each run u can slowly grind them down and if u have your own flyers then u wont need that many

have a look at allies for your army that can take anti flyer weapons get a defence line and your own flyers will be the best combo 

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