Tuesday, 25 September 2012

tournaments and ages

i attended my first officiall 6th ed tournament it was a little  3 game  1 dayer and  what did i learn

flyers are every where  their was 4 necron players and atleast half the tables had atleast 1 flyer on them.  to make my DE  work harder in 6th i need to really step up and change somethings especailly to take out flyers.

the other thing with flyers is at 1750 we should see an average of 4 flyers  (necrons)  mos others  could be 2-3  so my idea for 2 flyers the quad gun and havocs with flakks so thats  3 maybe 4 if i double up on havocs so plenty of air defence. 

after looking at flyers  i only saw  1 fortification and this was the aegis defence line, which is quite interesting and most list still have the 5th ed mind set of plenty of vehicles which shows that were not yet ready to ditch vehicles jus yet.  the other reason is most tournament lists  squeeze every last point of out a list and the idea of spending 100-125pts on a fortification.

now some musings at this tournament their were 2 young lads about 13ish and they both didnt really know enough to play and they didnt really know their codex well enough either.  they lost both their games and then had it fixed so they could play each other  which  makes me think  should their be an age limit on events to save people from being to disheartened if they lose     

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