Thursday, 13 September 2012

deamons got FAQ'd

the FAQ's  are out and about  so heres  whats  important  deamonic assault  has gone!!

no longer do u have 2 split ur army and hope the fickle  dice gods are with you now  the army is split evenly as possible and thats it.  that means thier is a whole new avenue of opportunities you can allways have your troops in the 2nd half and all the hard hitting stuff comming down first.

so lets look at my list that iv been playing so far

blood thirster

Flamers x5
flamers x5
flamers x5

plague bearers x10
plague bearers x5

sold grinder

exalted x1
seeker x2 


2 rhinos of chaos marines  1 with lord and icon the other has an icon

so i have 9 units and need 2 split the army  into 2 halves 

first half 
soul grinder

this will allways give me my flamers which are the harrasment unit 5 flamers can easily handle transports 3 flamers with gd placement they could put 2 HP on 3 vehicles ths is bcoz people are still in the 5th ed mindset of the parking lot or go for key units like hydras or anti flyer units

the soul grinder has phlegm so its main job is 2 harras units on objectives  same as the flamers

the cavalcade protects the rhinos holding the icons as units come closer they counter charge being armour 11  with 4 HP for the exalted it should last then the unit can do an average of 24 attacks for hammer of wrath if u have full HP on all chariots

then turn 2 the flyers come down to support the chariots in protecting the troops and objectives

give it a go see wat this change makes to playing deamons

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