Tuesday, 18 September 2012

1 month till open war

now  where  1 month away from  open war  and here is what i can tick off my list as complete


now thats not to say i havent been busy  painting as i have but no model is fully complete so ill break it down and it doesnt look that bad

dark eldar

all 15 wyches are fully done - they jus need their bases painting
1 venom is done
2 venoms are ready to be painted
the raider needs pre shading then painting
i need 2 buy  (im thinkin of taking 1 flyer with me) ravagers and paint them up
trueborn are based in the army colour they need to be highlighted and painted etc

thats about it for those

farseer is based red but needs more coats and painting
the gaurdians are based but need detail work doing to them
the brightlance needs a base making  and finishing in red then detail work
1 warwalker is completely finished-base needs painting
1 warwalker is sprayed red needs detail work + base
1 warwalker needs everything doing to it

iv signed up to a 1500pts tournament this weekend and i my army doesnt need 2 be painted so im focussing on the gaurdians as theyll atleast need 2 be stuck together shouldnt take that long 2 are allready stuck 2gether

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