Wednesday, 5 September 2012

6th ed deamons

i went to play my mate on sunday against his deamons and after the game we discussed a list for 6th ed, although hes stubborn and only plays a mono god list  iv pulled the some units from the codex  that iv used and think will fit better into 6th ed if this list is more consistent then ill use it more often after the list ill go thru  each bit by bit  :D(pay attention rich this is how u do a tactica)

blood thirster


flamers x5
x3 units

plague bearers x10
plague bearers x5

Heavy support
soul grinder

seeker cavalcade
1 exalted
2 normal

my contingent is chaos marines

chaos lord
deamon weapon

marines x9

marines x10

iv changed from  the fateweaver and heralds  as  BT can do several roles on the battlefield  firstly  take out flyers  with vector strike at str8 secondly they are  str9 on the charge so they can easily take out vehicles without smash  thirdly their  toughness 6 4wounds  theyll survive overwatch to attack squishy key units or tie up bigger units with a challenge

after seeing them at 500 and how effective they are  up the points by 2/3  and triple the units their amazing  in the game vs nids  they  took out  2 units of stealers  a trygon 3 hive guard and 3 zoanthropes and 1 unit took 1 wound (i will say i mis read flamers on overwatch so i made a mistake their and thats where the trygon died so it may have killed a unit)  but the fact remains on the battle field theyll drop vehicles  with glancing death  or harras squishy units longfangs or other troops

standard troops really they do what they allways do sit on objectives  and try not 2 die before the game ends lol

Heavy support
soul grinder  can slow down  tougher units with combat and shoot at vehicles or troops with his blast attack as well as protect the plague bearers

the seeker cavalcade didnt really do much in hind sight  if u choose to use this unit play them aggressively  as a speed bump either charging into vehicles to create a blockade or go for the the big nasty stuff jus make sure u can get all 3  from cavalcade into base 2 base  to get the hammer of wrath as this is where all the damage will come from


a cheap lord  2 protect A) the unit hes with and B) the plague bearers thats all u really need

this section i may change  normal marines  u get more but not being fearless is a big hassle so ill look 2 change these to either  a specialist troop unit OR culist when the new dex comes out i may even jus take 1 troop unit and squeeze the hellbrute in !!

thats all for now  folks  soak up the knowlegde!!!

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