Tuesday, 11 September 2012

word to yo momma necron players

so after  being told that the necrons flyers of doom are awesome and they can still get in and out regardless of wat the vehicle does its sparked some massive debates

what happens when a zooming night scythe is destroyed???

before  gettin FAQ'd the rule book states that if it is destroyed then they cant disembark from the night scythe they have to come on from the board egde whch to me seems to suggest that it works like the monolith they arent actually in the vehicle.

“Invasion Beams:
A unit that begins its Movement phase
embarked upon a Night Scythe can disembark before or after
the vehicle has moved (including pivoting on the spot, etc) so
long as the vehicle has not moved more than 36". If the Night
Scythe moves more than 24" in the same turn, the disembarking
unit can only fire Snap Shots.”

right  now lets add that to the codex rules a unit can embark or disembark as long as u dont move more than 36" if the vehicle is destroyed the unit then enters resere and will arrive on the next turn as normal

now wat happens to the vehicle crash and burn will still happen as normal as all flyer follow the same rule BUT the necron codex and FAQ over rule the main rule book for the unit so the unit does not take any str10 hits  but follows the above!!!

this make necrons even better  than before 

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