Wednesday, 5 September 2012

building a list for 6th ed

6th ed has been out for a while now (ish)  and  i thought id  update my general army building tips from 5th as a few things have now kinda changed.  firstly  lets  go back over the 4 main things for a list.

mobility - whether its deep striking or turbo boosting skimmers the army needs to be able to get around
anti tank - we all know the metal boxs of doom are on every table so a gd codex needs long mid and close  range  anti tank or a mixture
anti air - this is a new 1 most codex's can have several flyers their hard to bring down so u need a plan!!
CC unit - whether its decent troops a death star or a speed bump units it should have some CC units this will differ from codex to codex but each codex will have 1 or 2 dedicated CC units at least
allies - we can now atleast take allies  this will work really well for synergy as you can choose an army that will cover any weaknesses your list has

synergy - the list needs to be able to work together the units should perform certian jobs to help other units and in the long run help u win :D

so  like last time ill use my dark eldar 1750 list although those who  read the other 1 will see their arent many changes lol


trueborn x4 (3 units) with blaster in venoms with dual splinter canons

wyches x5
venom dual splinter canons


heavy support
ravager x3

runes of warding/witnessessing

gaurdians x10
bright lance

warwalkers x3
scatter lasers

ok so lets run the new list thru the new criteria 

mobility  everything is still fast vehicles  so my DE troops can go foreward and i have a unit sat back on my objective
anti tank  11 lance weapons with 36" range  12 blasters with 18" range and 2 units with haywire grenades then i have warwalkers with 36" range and they can go for light vehicles up2 av12
anti air - now i use warwalkers in conjuction with guide and they do really well although av12 flyers are harder to taek down needing 6's followed by 6's
CC unit i have  my wyches  and 1 has vect so i can win some combats jus gotta choose squishy things lol
 allies  the eldar  give me  anti  tank anti infantry  pyschic defence and  an extra scoring unit

synergy  adding the eldar with all their benifits has made a difference in most games  especially at shutting down enemy psykers

another side note  is fortifications now some armies wont need them  but  i suggest if u have a shooting army or ur allies are the shooting side who will be sat back then get the aegis defence line with a quad gun theyll help  secure objectives  provide cover and give u added anti tank they can also give cover to tanks as well!!

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