Wednesday, 26 September 2012

open war 18

its  only 2 weeks  3 days away and heres what i have done and have left to do  

whats  done 
1 war walker
10 gaurdians
14 wyches
1 brightlance platform
1 venom

whats left to do
3 ravagers
2 venoms
a raider
a base for the platform
war walker bases

so its mostly  vehicles and bases left to do  once i get my new airbrush  my other 1 broke grr  then ill be able to start and finish them in a few days  the bases  will get done in the next few days.  i need more army painter white.

so this  week
finish bases etc etc

next week
pick up new airbrush and finish basing the de  vehicles
finish off the warwalkers

week before the event  check and finish anything iv missed

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