Saturday, 1 September 2012

forming the chaos warband

my dark eldar  have been the glass hammer that have so far served me well.  but as tzeentch says the only constant is change and with so 2 new codexs comming out (chaos marines +deamons) where getting closer to the change. 

iv struggled with the concept for my chaos  for ages  keep them as loyalists using the chaos book was my first  idea  then i coulds still keep original world eaters as i wanted to do fill them out and make a full armoured company  that is in most heresy books  usually somthing like this

IG units

my second idea go full chaos  as i want some of the new models they look amazing.  especially the hellbrute  and dragon flyer but then the old world eaters wouldnt fit 

so my final idea  is this  to have the legion style lay out as above  with  my original world eatersadn everything else slowly falling into chaos  ill keep the original blue/white colour to keep the army cohesive on to the chaos armour and then add more blood red to show them turning to khorne.

now all thats  out the way  here are the juicy pics of the dark vengeance stuff !!


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