Saturday, 1 September 2012

unboxing dark vengeance!!!

ok guys  dark vengeance is here  so lets  get to it 

firstly  the box  is  lovely and glossy lots better than the  black reach 1 

as you can see lovely  :D  hehe  although  6 dice  isnt enough  lol here is the lay out of the box. their is lots of space  that could have been shrunk a little.
here is the chaplian not snap fit. its lovely with plenty of detail at this point ill mention every model is full of detail since their  mostly snap fit ill post pics in a seperate article!!

next is the roster for each army it doesnt  give points  values for anything  jus the equipment  if u flp it over their is a quick reference sheet for the armies and special rules that youll use


next is the  seal  pack  this contains  the rule book more of the same sheets  and a how to pay intro  giude with rules and missions as well as a book or building all the models.

so thats dark vengeance!!!  a great box  models  up next

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