Friday, 22 June 2012

calling from the grave gaming edition

so on the fantasy front iv finally got my self a list ready  and sorted out what i want

i have 1 vampire lord beat stick, if the points are cheaper ill take manfred coz hes a lvl4 wizard!!! with 5's across the board I7 and WS7:

Count Mannfred
my block of blackknights with the this upgrade pack, the banner bearer will have this banner:
Von Carstein Upgrade Pack Empire General

ghouls will be these:                      hexwraiths are standard  GW models:   dire wolves are GW aswell:
  Vampire Counts Black Knights / Hexwraiths Vampire Counts Dire Wolves

last thing  terrorgheist  is GW as well:

but this is how the army looks so far i also have 2 little vampires on mounts as well :) 

next purchase will be more hexwraiths !!

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