Saturday, 9 June 2012

dark eldar tactics

my last  game  i changed  up my list  and  tried some different  things!!!

firstly the HQ  i use lady malys  now for 135pts  shes  quite  cheap  and has a few really d  special  rules the down  side is  she  doesnt have a power  weapon as her main weapon and it lets  her down havin a random  2 attack  power attacks doesnt make up for it 

changing the HQ  changed   how the beasts  worked  not having the  baron  meant they were alot quicker even in dawn  of war  when they started at the back of hte board even going through terrain they were near enough in my enemies 12" deployment by turn 3  which  would never happen with the  baron attached 

next game  iv changed  the HQ for lelith  well see how she does  if that doesnt work then  ill be goin back to vect!!!

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