Wednesday, 13 June 2012

long live the king long live 5th ed

5th ed i agree has a few flaws  such as 2 many cover saves are given out a little to easy  that  being said i love  5th  ed  its all thats  gd and right with war gaming  ok so the codex's  are a little unbalanced BUT if  5th wasnt updated AND instead all codex's were updated instead to 5th ed rules then they would balance out!!

i was reading a snippet from GW about  6th ed and this  caught my eye

"the ultimate contest of strategy and skill"  now  if this is implied about  5th ed ill agree  it requires  skill and stratagy to win

now i disagree  completely  and here are some of the rules that  have been collected  and ill break them down and apply the above  quote  and see whether or not it will be true or not

Random Charges are 2D6 pick the highest (unless going through Difficult Terrain where its 3D6 and you drop the highest.) Move through cover I believe adds an extra D6

this isnt skill full or strategic at all  as at the moment  you know that  each unit will charge a set distance judging that distance is skill full but now the skill is in rolling gd dice so that ull get the charge

the second part  charging through cover  makes it even harder   coz itll be slower!!  dislike this rule!!

-Vehicles are WS0 if stationary, and WS1 if they move, no matter how far they go.

this maybe a better  rule as it makes vehicles easier to blow up as sume vehicles are a little over powered at the moment  although  ws1 for how far they move is stupid 

-Vehicles go the same distance in the movement phase (I believe 6" and fire everything regardless if fast or not) but in the shooting phase can make an extra move (apparently some kept forgetting what vehicles moved to fast to fire...

this makes no sense and makes all vehicles slower which  ruins armies that actually need vehicles to survive  another rule i dislike

-Vehicles cannot contest (unsure if scoring units in transports can)
-6 Missions and 3 deployment types (2 of the deployments are the same as current, Spearhead & Pitched Battle.)

this will  make drop pods  slightly mor useless as well as any one who uses a rhino wall cud be a gd rule!

-Troops are the only ones that can score (including of course 'scoring units')

glad this is still in  although with the amount of armies that can make better units troops it dunt really matter lol

-5+ Cover save for most things (ruins are 4+).

this is better and makes alot more sense!!

-Allies rules are in, but its meant to be for team games (ie separate force org chart, distrusted ally rules similar to Fantasy)

this is also  gd  no bending over  IG and making them  super awesome agen

-Percentages are *not* in

thats awesome this 1 rule wud easily mess up the game  so glad its not in but dont worry their are other rules that will mess up the game

-Wound Allocation is closest to furthest.

and here it  the first in the line of rules that will ruin 40k as we know and love it  the first thing is its not realistic  ( i kno its a game but  we do want some realism in the game)  secondly their are  other scenarios in which  this rule just doesnt work  for eample  if a unit faceseach other thie is no way to determine who is closest with out measuring to each model from each model.    

-nDueling is similar to challenges in fantasy but contrary to earlier rumors, they don't replace Combat res, just add to sides. A IC can challenge another IC in the same combat even if not in base to base. If the defending IC refuses, he simply cannot attack that turn, if he does he counts as being in b2b and no one else can hurt him apart from the attacking IC. I'm guessing this is to offset the Wound Allocation rules

this next rule has ruined  40k  it means  everyone MUST take a special character bcoz we all know how awesome they are at killing  and ull need a character to combat the other guys character

all in all its a stupid rule that needs  taking out!!!!

-Preferred Enemy is including shooting and you may reroll wound rolls of a 1 (either shooting or combat)

this  ruins  most space marines  units with chaplians  rune preists are ridiculuosly overpowered now and any other unit that gets  preferred enemy  such as destroyers !!

-Rapid Fire weapons may now can shoot at long range while moving. restriction on assaulting after rapid firing remains.

i actually like this as  it means a gun line can move and still be usefull as it re positions

-Jump Infantry get a free strike at I10 when they charge into combat

this is stupid unless grenades  dont change and it shudnt be put in as it means people will buy assualt marines to take advantage of this rule  and it will unbalance the game

-Psychic Power Decks using a dice system similar to Fantasy.
this is another stupid rule  GW  know  they have ruined 40k and  along with a price rise need 2 make money bcoz theyll lose alot of  hardcore 40k players with this rule book.  it also  means that  those players  who take pyskers  to fill certain roles wont know wat theyll do if its all random!!  another rule i dislike!!!

Flyers are in.

new models and rules to make money and nuthin more 

-FNP drops to 5+ Save.

this is a good thing as  FNP  was everywhere 

overall the rules i dont like are the big ones that will have a major impact on the game  as i find out other rules ill post them i need 2 try  a few games and see how theyll play  but  if its really bad ill have 2 wait for  7th ed and if  Gw hasnt gone bankrupt

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