Wednesday, 27 June 2012

jump back to the far future !!!

iv been punged into fantasy quite heavily over the past few weeks with what iv been painting etc.

so back to 40k and  6th edition  firstly  plenty of rumours  knocking around the book is out in a few days and the cover is awesome which makes me want a copy lol

next the biggest  most intruiging  alteration is the allies rules  heres what we know so far

Rules for Allies
Brothers in Arms:
Join each others unit with Independent Characters and cast physic powers as if they were friendly.
Grudging Allies:
Cannot join each others’ units nor treat as friendly for psychic powers.
Unholy Alliance:
Roll at the begging of each turn if they are within 6″, if they roll a 1 they can’t do anything.

now the pic is just legible but what does it mean

brothers in arms means the armies count as 1  all USR are shared and characters can join all units
grudging alliance counts as 2 seperate armies
unholy if u ally these 2 u must roll for each allied unit  on the roll of a 1 the unit does nothin that turn

so what does this mean for my armies

firstly dark eldar as its my army that i play more than any at the moment well ill ally with eldar  this gives me access to  guide and fortune  not only that i can guide my ravagers etc etc  its gunna be filth  ill also look at what is cheaper  blaster trueborn or firedragons  ill also get some cheaper fodder troops for objectives like gaurdians

its going to be interesting  i think the units  ill take   really  are  1 farseer with council  dire avangers in transport and fire dragons

i can see why the points level will go to 2k  for base games as it will be hard to implement allies in smaller points scales

next army i will be updating is chaos marines and quite rightly  our brothers in arms are chaos deamons  we can also ally with IG orks necrons and tau

hmmm its a hard choice i think IG  may be the best choice then i an theme my list and make it like the legions of old   it also means i can take sum melta vets hydras  manticore and all the lovely stuff from the HS section 

so all in all lookking foreward 2 it!!!  gunna be filth lol

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