Friday, 15 June 2012

swimming in the deep end....fantasy edition

so  the observant will notice iv been painting  up a terrorgheist and  mortis engine  now some of you may also be doing the same and following as i go along if so spoiler alert for the terrorgheist iv finally deciced on a blue/green for the fibre of the wings.

neway  iv slated fantasy quite abit so im biting the bullet and gunna actually play it and ill post my findings from start to finish iv jus about finished writing a 2.5k list as this seems to be a common  points limit and i can also feild a wide range of units.

army style  since the vamps can do a wide range of magic/fighting  iv gone for a swift beat in your face with a solid block following them mash it up in the middle.  now this is still slightly premature as i still need the following:

vampire lord on nightmare
14 black knights
5 hexwriaths
60 ghouls
40 zombies

as for the models  wraiths will be GW  big stuff GW  and  im thinkin of small stuff mantic  as their cheaper :D

the next blog will be as iv built up the next units 

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