Saturday, 16 June 2012

more dark eldar tactics

so  the list  is developing  and  getting back to basics.  last nite  i used  lelith  and  for  175 points  str3  jus doesnt cut it.  although she gets loads of attacks against marines 9 she still doesnt do enough wounds.

which means  theirs only one other characters that  can do the damage and thats vect. so lets havea quick over view of the ultimate overlord  before i go thru the new list

WS 8 with re-rolls means ull allways get  60% attacks thru  
has alot of attacks  around 7 with the charge
allways wounds on 3+ and its a power weapon
steal the iniative on a 4+


now their are plenty of benifits  to taking vect  but how can we get him stuck in to combat when  most opponents will be in little metal boxes 

heres  what il be doing  ( i also have a new  beast master unit that ill try at somepoint)  

beast masters  go in front 
vects raider  behind
on the flanks of the raider ill have the trueborn

far behind  ravagers sniping at tanks to get some results on the damage chart

now next game well see if it works


trueborn as normal

wyches x5
splinter canon

wyches x8

beasts as normal

ravagers as normal

the new beasts are  250 points and set up like this

5 handlers
6 razor wings
5 chimeara
1 claw feind

what this unit lets you do is  take the first  wound on the claw feind  from each high powered shot this means the chimearas will  last a little longer 

obv i cant counter  bad dice rolls  but stick with it  as soon as those transports start cracking or they get out 2 attack the beasts jump out with  vect and counter !!

thats all for now

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