Saturday, 9 June 2012

more terrorgheist pics!!

iv put down a few coats  of steel legion drab  i love this colour for bone its great its got the medium brown tone with out having to blend it.  i havent  started on the wings yet but since the body is done i thought id show you guys, its such an awesome model!!!   

next step  complete the bone on the wings

then i need 2 do the innards 

then correct all mistakes so far   

finish  the innards  layer them up etc  then do the same with the bone

then i have 2 be very careful and paint up the ribcage and other bits of bone round the main body

the  muscles will be slightly different reds  i want them to be a bit lighter  same with the bit in between the wings as theyll have more light hitting them

after all that is done the base needs doing then any extra detail such as high lighting the skin  adding some wet blood to the maw n making a little puddle below 

after all that hes done and ready to be entered  then the table awaits  to chomp down on the armies of the old world :P

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