Sunday, 3 June 2012

mortis egine

this isnt really a picture  update  but  i jus thought id update  those  who are following this  both sides  of the  spirit  hoarde  have now been  washed  green  ready  for the white highlights took a total of 4 hours  ish  so  i reckon  ic now been painting this model  for  14 hours 

the next step is to stick the hoarde together blend it with washes  so they look like their joined  then ill highlight while their  joined then  take a pic as an update  to show u guys  what it looks like

once that  has bee done ill glue in the  lecturn  with an update  pic as this will be coming to the final stages of paiting

then ill doe it all over agen  with the  terrorgheist  !!!! 

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