Saturday, 16 June 2012

terrorgheist winged solution!

firstly im linking the heading in a fun way to the article :D im not that bored honest.  now iv bin searching for a way to paint the fibres of the terrorgheists wings for ages.  firstly i didnt want red as iv allready used plenty of it for the muscles and things like that so i wanted something different.

i was  going to use green i thought that could work but iv found a better picture 2 copy ie the one from the vampire counts army book and the wings are a blue grey. now black/red/blue all complement each other but the model itself  the skin is shrinking and decaying hence the grey  so ill also be painting the skin round on the main body of the model in the same colour and here is what iv chosen

dark reaper!!!   its from the new line of colours in the pot its a dark blueish grey.  although it does dry lighter heres my method of getting it to look somthing like the one in the book

dark reaper is the base
ill darken this and bring out the blue with a 2/1  blue/black wash
dark reaper will be the mid tone for raised areas

final stage  if needed will be  dark reaper with some  grey in it

here are the pics  iv only done 1 coat  to see how it looks at do any corrections and  lay down  guidelines near the bone.

this has been one of my favourite kits so far  10 days till the painting comp  :D

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