Sunday, 24 June 2012

hex wraiths!!

unfortunately  i didnt realise i had sum medium basing kit left and used small on my terrorgheist and mortis engine so i cant fully finish my initail targets. BUT  i have sprayed the riders and i thought id go thru my reasons for choosing hex wriaths for my list

thier ethereal!!
they have a special rule that when the move through an unengaged unit, that unit takes a str5 hit with no armour saves !! 
their also fast cavelry so pretty quick goin down the flanks to hit warmachines

ill be using 2 units of  5 at 2500pts  and then as the points get bigger ill try and add another rank 2 each unit

on to the model itself  iv put together the riders and the horses and found the scythes are abit finicky to get to gether  and 1 of the head as some of the helm sits on the arm but apart from that its pretty gd also the black knights in the kit as far as i can see are seperate so if u buy sum horses from a bitz site u can also use the black knights as well making this kit well worth its money

ill also be painting mine  purple with blue fire

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