Saturday, 30 June 2012

carving a bloody path - TS 2012

well its bin a while since iv spoken about TS  but  i have made sum slight alterations to my list. i wasnt happy  with  vect's squad  being so small  so  i put a few more wyhes in and got it back up to 9 to do this i had to shrink the beast masters so my new  beast masters squad is this

4 handlers
kymera x5
razorwings x4

to make up for the lack of wounds  the claw fiend can take the first  str8 shot  so as long as im in cover hell survive abit longer which means the unit will last abit longer

the claw feind will be a rat ogre as a base im gointo green stuffit a little  to try and redue the amount of ratty lookingness from the model.  iv also  tried my hand at green stuffing to add some detail to the model  ill post pis when hes done   

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