Friday, 6 July 2012

breaking 6th ed -whos on top

necrons  no other  way or easy to say  but  theyll be back in a bigway y  gauss weapons  thats  gunna be the  game breaker 

a unit of  10 warriors  rapid firing on average  will roll 3 6's  most  vehicles have 3 hull points  thats  3 vehicles dead a turn!!!!

then  throw  in scarabs in its whole lot of nasty!!

nids  i think  with  monsterous flying rules  the once  useless harpies  and flyrants will  be back  out 2 play

footdar  have done well bak end of  5th  but with the new  vehicle pen rules  theyll  be boosted even further  the seer council is still on top  :)

gk wont  change  much  they  may switch out  razorbacks for  chimearas and  get more  cheap troops  to fit  in the  elite  dreads

BA and all the other armies spamming FNP have taken a hit with it being  5+  it may still be around  but it might dissapear 

predictions   necrons  top xeno army
predictions  gk still top  marine army

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